Review: “The Cranes Dance”

You know, compared to the classic tomes and presidential biographies I normally read in any given year, the novels on my current #TBRlist are a freaking BREEZE. That's probably why it's not even March and I've already crossed three off my list! So. Today's review is of "The Cranes Dance: A Novel" by Meg Howrey, … Continue reading Review: “The Cranes Dance”


Book Review – “Lives of the Circus Animals”

I'll admit that after getting off to a rocky start with this year's TBR list (see previous review for "White Swan, Black Swan"), I was a little leery about diving into my second book, Christopher Bram's "Lives of the Circus Animals." Thankfully, that fear was unfounded and I would give this read a solid 4.5 … Continue reading Book Review – “Lives of the Circus Animals”

Book Review – “White Swan, Black Swan”

Time to cross off the first book from this year's TBR list: "White Swan, Black Swan" by Adrienne Sharp. I gave this book 2 out of 5 stars. Here's why: Of all the books on my list, this was the only one I'd heard of previously, and also the one I was most looking forward … Continue reading Book Review – “White Swan, Black Swan”