2018 TBR List

Hi all! One thing I noted previously was the seemingly utter lack of adult fiction concerning the performing arts, whether musical theatre, acting, ballet, etc. I had only done a few casual searches on Amazon and Goodreads though, so I decided to take a closer look using Subject Headings in some of the library consortia … Continue reading 2018 TBR List


Writing Goals for 2018

How did 2017 go? My only real goal this year was to finish Book 1, and I did. I finished the first draft, did my own round of revising/edits and have sent it out to a handful of readers for their feedback. So while it's not yet in shape to be queried, it IS technically … Continue reading Writing Goals for 2018

Front & Center, Sims 3 Style

Not feeling up to writing a "real entry" today because I seem to be coming down with a cold after an awful week at work that had me stressed 24/7. So instead, here's something fun: screenshots from the time I created my characters in the Sims 3 and decided to see what they would do. … Continue reading Front & Center, Sims 3 Style


Sleeping Beauty Casting – A Tale

It's my birthday and I'm stuck at work because reasons, so instead of doing library stuff, I'm typing up this blog entry. Enjoy! Spring 1996. It was my last year in the ballet company, and I knew it. I was worn down - like, I can't overemphasize how BUSY I was in high school, between … Continue reading Sleeping Beauty Casting – A Tale