Write What You Know? Yes and No

Hi everyone! This post is actually an edited version of one from a previous "author blog" I started last year, when I first got serious about writing and publishing my series. Enjoy! [note: the auditorium that serves as the main background picture/banner/whatever on my blog is the very same theatre whose backstage is depicted throughout] … Continue reading Write What You Know? Yes and No


Stuck? Talk to Your Characters

Okay, so I'd been making good progress on my MS for months, chugging along, writing multiple pages nearly every day. And then, lately, words stopped flowing quite as easily. I'd go to outline upcoming scenes and just end up sitting there staring at the screen. The problem was not the overall story; I've been creating … Continue reading Stuck? Talk to Your Characters


Hi guys, how was your Memorial Day weekend? Mine was great! Finally got patio furniture and our grill ready to go, had a day at the park that could have been directed by David Lynch (maybe I'll describe it in a later entry, lol), and had a Sunday that my main character would wholeheartedly have approved … Continue reading Failing

An Excuse

Hi guys, Hope there's beautiful weather out where you are, because Boston is hot and sunny today - about time! I don't have much content on this blog yet, but one crucial element that you may have noticed missing is an excerpt, or summary, or something for you to know what this so-called "Front and … Continue reading An Excuse