Writing Goals for 2018

How did 2017 go? My only real goal this year was to finish Book 1, and I did. I finished the first draft, did my own round of revising/edits and have sent it out to a handful of readers for their feedback. So while it's not yet in shape to be queried, it IS technically … Continue reading Writing Goals for 2018


Different Way of Thinking

I've started reading through some magazines I've had sitting around for months and came across an interesting quote in the Editor's Note of the July/August 2017 issue of Poets & Writers. In it, Kevin Larimer talks about the notion, popular amongst aspiring authors, of publishing as an "impenetrable fortress." Even though I haven't started to … Continue reading Different Way of Thinking

Genre Woes

Hi guys, Sorry for the long break between real entries, but my husband and I have both been sick with some violent, horrific post-nasal drip/cough/overall lousy feeling thing since BEFORE our trip to New York City, and we've just started recuperating over the past day or so. If this is what the common cold is … Continue reading Genre Woes