Book One – Next Steps!

A couple of weeks ago, I considered myself "done" with Book One. Almost. Faced with conflicting beta reader/CP opinions about the opening of my story, I was in no state to deal with potentially humongous changes. Instead, I finished all the small edits, marked a handful of things "to come back to," including the beginning. … Continue reading Book One – Next Steps!


Writers Dealing with Triggering Scenes?

Triggers and trigger warnings are a huge topic, about which I have mixed feelings. But I'm not here to address the overall topic today; instead, I wanted to talk about one side of the matter that I don't often see mentioned. What if you, the writer, are the one who's triggered by what you're writing? … Continue reading Writers Dealing with Triggering Scenes?

Genre Woes

Hi guys, Sorry for the long break between real entries, but my husband and I have both been sick with some violent, horrific post-nasal drip/cough/overall lousy feeling thing since BEFORE our trip to New York City, and we've just started recuperating over the past day or so. If this is what the common cold is … Continue reading Genre Woes