About Front and Center

Let’s get one thing out of the way right from the start. This is a SERIES. It will probably end up being 9 or 10 books total.

Oh, so it’s in the fantasy genre? Nope. Not even close. I don’t buy into the trope that “only fantasy writers can pull off a series.” I also don’t buy into “only fantasy novels can have multiple POVs.”

(The below paragraph knowingly kinda sucks right now, but it will give you the general idea and I AM working to improve it, hopefully SOON)

Front and Center is a realistic fiction, coming-of-age series which follows the course of my 4 MC’s lives. TJ, who runs away from home in 1982 to pursue an acting career that seems anything but likely, what with his innate shyness and debilitating depressive states.Ā  Whisky, an orphan, abandoned even by her guardian, is a talented ballet dancer and lives an apparent life of ease. In 1993 her world is turned upside down when she’s asked to escort the new kid around school in seventh grade. Enter Randi, red-haired and silent, an enigma outside of his unpredictable violent outbursts. When Whisky learns the reason behind his behavior, she’s determined to help him out of the situation, although her own life is anything by stable. And Benjamin, with acting roles off-Broadway before he even graduates college, the South Boston native is destined for a high profile career— until a well-respected director’s casual remark leads him to second guess everything the mirror reflects back at him.

Mental illness and addiction, the performing arts, and the quest for acceptance, family, and stability are some of the overarching themes. Also, there are horses.