About Front and Center


Front and Center is a slice-of-life adult fiction series which follows four main characters over ~12 novels.

TJ runs away from home in 1982 to pursue an acting career that, with his innate shyness, debilitating depressive states, and tendency for self-destruction, seems anything but likely. Will he be able to conquer his demons or succumb to the unrelenting pressures of both his chosen field and his own mind?

By 1993, Whisky is a talented young ballet dancer living with a new guardian after her first abandoned her, seemingly on a whim. Just when life regains stability, her world is turned upside down when she’s asked to escort the new kid around school in seventh grade. Enter Randi, red-haired and silent, an enigma outside of his unpredictable violent outbursts. When Whisky learns the reason behind his behavior, she’s determined to help him out of the situation, jeopardizing her own safety and security in the process.

And Benjamin, with acting roles off-Broadway before he even graduates college, the South Boston native is destined for a high profile career— until a well-respected director’s casual remark about his body leads him to second guess everything the mirror reflects back at him. In 2003, by the age of 33, he expects a change in scenery from his usual theatrical haunts will help get his life back on track, but he has no idea what situation he’s about to step smack in the middle of.

Mental illness and addiction, spirituality, and the quest for acceptance, family, and stability all play a role as these four very different peoples’ lives intertwine over the course of about 20 years.