Twitter Hiatus, Why?

Twitter has grown increasingly disappointing for me. Thanks to whatever algorithms they shuffled around over the past few months, it felt like almost none of my posts were getting more than one or two likes, no matter what hashtags I used. Also, it seemed to be hiding posts from people I enjoyed hearing from, meaning I’d have to go search out their profiles from time to time to see what I’d missed.  It was frustrating from all angles, so I decided to take a few weeks off.

I did, and it was super easy. In fact, it’s been harder to bounce back into posting than it was to walk away.

Admittedly, my writing has taken a backseat in my life right now, and maybe that’s part of the problem. Not hearing from any of the agents I’d provided with partials/fulls was more discouraging than if I’d gotten rejections from all of them (I only heard back from one, and it was indeed a rejection, although a very complimentary one). I didn’t manage to query any other agents within this waiting time, nor did I plod on with editing Book Two. I maaaaybe picked it up once or twice over the past few weeks, but that’s about it.

Instead, I’ve been really busy trying to straighten out some other aspects of my life that got pushed by the wayside when I *was* deep into writing and editing earlier this year. I started bullet journaling. I’m reorganizing my office. I’m planning next steps for the Very Big Information Literacy Project I’m in charge of there. I took part in a couple of riding clinics at my barn, as my goal is to try and qualify for Regional championships in 2019 at Training Level. I’m halfway through reading Moby Dick (so amazing, I can’t even tell you).

Amazingly, my follower count didn’t drop too much during this hiatus, but even still, with the few posts I’ve made over the past few days, I’ve once again experienced the lack of any interaction which is what made Twitter a fun, more rewarding social media site in the first place.

So, I’m not quitting Twitter or anything like that, but if I don’t end up posting as often as I did in the past, don’t be surprised. I guess it’s better to be doing real life things than chasing after likes anyway.

PS – New episode of T&E Theatre Factory coming later today. We just need to edit in our opening and closing music clips! In this episode, we’re discussing two Russia-based musicals we’ve seen, Anastasia and Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812. Keep your eyes peeled!


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