Wow, an actual entry that’s NOT just a podcast!

I decided to give an update on my writing and everything related. As you may remember, I was on cloud nine after getting multiple partial requests and 1 full MS request following the Pitch Slam at this year’s Writer’s Digest conference. A couple of weeks later, still feeling great, I sent out the things everyone asked for, and looked forward to getting feedback if not an outright positive response from one of these agents.

Two months later, and I’m still waiting to hear anything.

I know, I know. This isn’t exactly unusual. I guess I was under the impression that these agents would have shot any emails with “Writer’s Digest Conference” to the top of their “to read” pile, and indeed, based on posts I saw in a FB group, some people did get rejections back right away.

At this point, a rejection would almost be preferable to this silence. At least then I’d know, you know?

I’ve read that when an agent has a partial or full, it’s a good rule of thumb to wait to nudge until at least 3 months have passed. That’ll be a little later this month, although I need to go back to each agent’s website and check their individual guidelines. Some state very clearly that not hearing from them after x amount of time is akin to a rejection.

So what did you expect? Honestly, you know how this traditional publishing stuff goes.

Yeah, I do know, and it bugs me. I’m the person who’s been able to do the things they’ve wanted to in life by just methodically working my way there. I’m the person working and working on their cover letter and resume to make sure it reflects the language and skills mentioned in the job description and it’s never been hard for me to find a job. It low key pisses me off that publishing isn’t the same way. You can do everything “right,” but there’s so much that’s subjective about the business that that literally guarantees nothing.

I had started editing Book Two, but got busy with stuff at work and that soon fell by the wayside. I only just picked it up again this week, tentatively. I didn’t send out queries to any other agents because I was hoping to hear from these people first, but now I’m seeing that putting my eggs into just a few baskets might not have been the best way to go. I dug out my list of “potential agents” the other night, but then I stall, because I never really finished a good synopsis and I also need to make sure I’m not accidentally querying an agency that one of the first agents belong to.

But, I told myself that I can’t get too salty when I haven’t given this a good enough try yet. It doesn’t help that no less than two people I’ve beta read for signed with agents over the past two weeks. This makes like. . .75% of the people I’ve beta’ed or CP’ed for finding agents in the past year? I mean, great for them, but you can’t deny that it stings. AND THAT’S WHEN I HAVE TO REMIND MYSELF THAT I’VE ONLY SUBMITTED TO THREE PEOPLE AND ALMOST NO ONE IN THE WORLD SIGNS WITH AN AGENT AFTER THREE SUBMISSIONS.

Maybe in December, after work is less crazy, I’ll try to have a second batch of query letters read to go. Until then, I guess I’ll keep slogging away at Book Two edits (and man will this book require a lot of edits) and all the other non-writing things that keep me busy.


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