BroadwayWorld Announcement!

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the gap in regular entries – I’m busily editing Book One (it’s funny that there’s at least 3 past entries making it sound like I’ve finished editing this book, and I had, but this is the final, final round of edits before querying, so kind of a bigger deal!), preparing for a conference presentation at work and also just turned in a book chapter proposal for an academic work, and I’m thinking my current #TBR list choice is gonna be a DNF, because it’s a slog and I’m barely 100 pages in. Oh, and I also re-upped my subscription to World of Warcraft, but uh. . .we won’t dwell on that. 😀

In any case, I’ve been doing stuff! And I’m happy to announce that somewhere in this mix, a couple of exciting things happened:

1. My husband and I got a season subscription to PPAC’s 2018-2019 shows. We just wanted to see Hamilton again, this time the tour, and knew there’d be a chance of not getting tickets if we didn’t spring for the season subscription. So, when it was announced, we checked out the line-up, decided there was more good than bad, and bit the bullet (though we did ditch Charlie since you’re allowed to drop one show).

I almost never post on Facebook anymore, but for some reason decided to put up something about this. And not even an hour later, I was contacted by a fellow librarian whom I know well enough to be friends with on FB, but don’t know well on a personal level. She saw my post, remembered that I was also into writing, and had an interesting opportunity for me, if I wanted in.

And that brings us to. . .

2. I am now a reviewer for BroadwayWorld’s Rhode Island page!

If you’re into Broadway at all, you’re aware of the main page and message boards – one of the few message boards I still read, tbh. Starting today (literally, this afternoon), I’ll be reviewing various plays, musicals, ballets, and possibly other performances. I’ll admit it’s a little nerve wracking, as this is a type of writing that’s brand new to me. There are a few blurbs from reviews in my novels, but that’s the closest I’d ever come to doing this. Since I don’t think it’s cool for me to post the full text here, copyright and all that jazz, I’ll be providing links to each article instead, so please go give my items a read! Other than today’s performance, I should also be reviewing shows in late April and early May. Theatres are still announcing their 2018-2019 seasons around here, and of course there’s bargaining between the 4 or so RI reviewers for who gets to see what, so I won’t know what the rest of my year looks like for a bit.

Between this side gig and our PPAC subscription and a trip to NYC in August this year (hoping for a Come From Away/Phantom pairing this time), there will be plenty of theatre this year, and that’s more than fine with me! Of course, today might be one too many performances, as we’re seeing the matinee of the play and then RI Philharmonic’s Beethoven’s 7th this evening, which means we’ll either be milling in Providence for a few hours doing idk what or attempting to come home, scarf down dinner (we both have food allergies, eating out is hard), and head back to the city. I don’t know yet, but I’ve since gotten a day planner, so this is the last time I mix up my weekends, lol.

So, that’s it! My next entry, post-review, will probably be about the book I don’t plan on finishing and after that. . .who knows. I haven’t written anything about my fiction in awhile, maybe I’ll write an entry about all of the editing I’ve been doing and how I decided, based on five beta readers’ feedback, what to change and what to keep. We’ll see!


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