Tony Awards 2017: Thoughts!

Hi guys!

I don’t think I’m going to have time to write a “real” entry this week, what with a medical thing on Tuesday and plenty of stuff to do at work. So instead, I’ll leave you with some bullet point thoughts on last night’s Tony Awards. Enjoy!

  • I really didn’t have a horse in the race this year, all I knew was that I did NOT want Dear Evan Hansen to sweep everything. God that show bugs me. The music is generic and the story is typical YA drivel (sorry, I am just not a huge fan of said genre). I have no doubt the actors do a fine job with the material, and not having seen it, I can’t comment on lighting/set production/etc., but I just find it hard to believe it wins SO much praise. Okay, end of rant.
  • Performances that piqued my interest: The Great Comet and Come From Away. The Bandstand performance was technically okay too, but didn’t make me want to see more.
  • Ill-chosen performances: Groundhog Day, Falsettos, Miss Saigon. I felt like the songs/scenes shown perhaps weren’t the best choices and fell flat. Miss Saigon looked great visually at least, but the first two were total duds (even with Christian Borle [with hair!] and Andrew Rannells).
  • David Hyde Pierce? Sorry dude, I left the room to go fold laundry, but have seen lots of comments akin to “well now we know what that song had been cut.”
  • I am not a Patti Lupone fan and you already know my thoughts on DEH, so I’ll leave those two alone.
  • Rockettes? Meh. But Leslie Odom Jr! even still, I was folding my laundry and heard from the other room, haha.
  • I AM SO MAD AT JOSH GAD – I was ready to throw my money at the screen right then and there to see him play Pseudolus in a Forum revival! 😀
  • Bette Midler talking over the music etc. during her lengthy thank you speech – not endearing, just rude.
  • LIN! He just seems so genuinely grateful and so happy for whatever he is doing all of the time. I wish I had a fraction of his positivity, for real.
  • And. . .Dear Evan Hansen won. Of course it did. I was hoping for an upset like the year Avenue Q won over Wicked, but alas.

Aaaaaand, my husband and I are probably going to NYC at the end of the month, was thinking we could just get walk up tickets to POTO or something but we’re legit trying to see Great Comet now, so I’ll let you know what happens with that. Not sure it’ll top last year’s Book of Mormon/Hamilton trip!

ETA: We totally got tickets to see The Great Comet later in June. 3rd row mezzanine, baby!

2 thoughts on “Tony Awards 2017: Thoughts!

  1. I had some of the same thoughts about last night. On the whole the show was okay. But Come From Away’s performance gave me chills and had me itching to write. Lin-Manuel Miranda was adorable and so happy. I am mostly put off by the fact that James Earl Jones’s speech wasn’t during the show :/

    Also your Book of Mormon/Hamilton trip? That sounds like an amazing combo and a great time! Am so jelly beans lol. I’ve not had a chance to see either yet 🙂


    • Totally agree re: James Earl Jones’ speech. If anyone deserved to be given a longer amount of televised speaking time that evening, it was him!

      And yes, thank you, our trip last year WAS awesome! 😀 We’d only intended to see Hamilton, but the hotel we were staying in was directly across from the Eugene O’Neill theatre where Mormon is playing. Since we didn’t have anything to do our first evening in the city, we decided to walk across the street and just ask if, by some strange chance, there were any tickets available for that night’s show. By some CRAZY stroke of luck, there were! We got the last two (full price) tickets available, fourth row center. It was INSANE. 🙂 If getting to NYC isn’t an option, I’ve heard great things about the Mormon tour (and the Hamiltour, obvi), so I recommend seeing either show if at all possible!

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